Sunday, March 10, 2013

Catching Jordan Read-Along Week 1

Give me a Y! Y! Give me an A! A! Give me a Y! Y! What's that spell? YAY!! It's the end of week one for our read-along and I'm stoked. Not only did I manage to mess it up and postpone this post one day because I had my dates mixed up, I managed to do it when I possibly wouldn't have internet. Thank heavens my hotel has free WIFI! So this week I managed to read page 1-74 in Catching Jordan, four pages over because I don't like ending in the middle of chapters. Definitely something that I never do unless I can't keep my eyes open. Anyways let's get to discussing this book! Feel free to join in if you're reading with us, have already read it, or if you haven't and just feel like throwing a random opinion out there! ;)

My overall thoughts on the book so far: I'm liking Catching Jordan, I honestly had no clue that this book was going to be about a female quarter back so that's really interesting. Sometimes I get a bit lost when referencing the terms for the games but for the most part I can visualize what's going on. I'll be sure to thank my over obsessed football loving Dad and Sister! I'm enjoying the writing style Miranda has and I like how close the football team is and how they don't judge Jordan because she's a girl. They see she's a badass QB and they respect that. 

Overall thoughts on main characters: Jordan is a very interesting girl. I like that she isn't afraid to be who she is but still has her little insecurities throughout the book. At times though I find her a bit irritating, I don't know why but some of the things she does bug me. It irks me that she's so blind to how Henry feels about her. What do you guys think about that? Am I just being judgmental and evil? Sam Henry aka Henry, Jordan's best friend, sounds like a hot hunk of man and is obviously in love with Jordan. He's handsome, athletic, and sounds pretty smart so I kinda fell in love. Then I found out he wears flip flops. Blargh. I don't like that, don't judge me. At least he could wear those athletic adidas sandals they make or something, anything but flip flops. Other than that I really love him. Now Tyler aka Ty bugs me, I have a really off feeling about this guy. I'm not sure why but I think there's something bad about him hidden under there. What do you guys think?? He just doesn't feel right to me. 

Overall thoughts on supporting characters: I don't know how long I can handle the prissy b's. It's annoying enough having to deal with girls who actually act like Kristen and her little posse in real life, having to read about them gets me all riled up and angry (don't judge me xD). Another character that pisses me off is Jordan's Dad. JUST UGH. I CAN'T EVEN. Look we get it, she's your daughter you don't want her to get hurt. Instead of making yourself sound like a sexist ass use your emotional words and explain yourself instead of trying to force Jordan out of doing what she loves to do!! Seriously. Like I said before I'm loving all the support and kindness that we're seeing from the Hundred Oaks Football Team!! They're all so chill and supportive of each other, only wishing the best. It's a nice positive vibe added to the story.

Favorite quote this week: "Carter is listening to a girl with long brown hair, gazing at her as if she's saying very important things, like giving a play-by-play account of Super Bowl XXXVIII. In all actuality, she's probably giving him a play-by-play account of some romance novel where some chick is in love with a boy who's really a werewolf, and a vampire who's really a dragon with enormous wings, and a handsome king who's really a vampire." This made me laugh out loud, this is the side of Jordan I love! Hahaha.

Overall I'm enjoying Catching Jordan, although I feel it's average at the moment. I'm hoping as I read more it will pick up. Share your thoughts an opinions below in the comments so we can discuss the book and our feelings like awesome people. Also be sure to check out Jude's discussion post too.


  1. I'm glad your enjoying it so far! I hope it picks up more for you though. I'm finally gonna be able to pick up Catching Jordan from the library Thursday so I'll catch up with you guys (reading wise) hopefully by the weekend! :)

    1. YAYYYYYY. OH MY GOSH. ;D I'm so excited you get to join us! <3

  2. What? I swear I wrote a comment here and published it o.O I was just re-reading this and didn't see my comment, a comment I swear I wrote.

    I can't exactly remember what it was but it was along the lines of:

    "I knoooow, there's something weird about Ty!!!! There's just no chemistry there. None. Dad's a total jerk."

    something around those lines x) But yes, average so far :/


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