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Miss Me Not by Tiffany King Review

Title: Miss Me Not
Author: Tiffany King
Published: November 23rd, 2012
Book rating: 4 stars
Cover rating: 5 stars
Miss Me Not is a beautiful story of self-discovery, forgiveness, caring, and love.

Madison Hanson's past demons have given her a shadow of an existence with little hope. With the sudden tragic death of a fellow student, Madison questions her own life choices, and is now forced to evaluate everything she thought she believed in. When fate intervenes and partners her with Dean Jackson, a popular "all around good guy" from school, Madison gets a glimpse of a life that is filled with sunshine that has the power to break through the darkness she has cloaked herself in.
With Dean's help, Madison discovers a desire to finally step out of the shadows, and embrace life and all its gifts.

Miss Me Not has both an intriguing blurb and a beautiful cover so I knew I had to get my hands on it. I really, really enjoyed the subject of the book and how it was handled. It was a breath of fresh air considering it's my first book about suicide where the MC didn't take her life. I enjoyed almost everything about this book. The characters were amazing, Madison was very well written and I definitely considered her as a 'real person' type of character and lord help me when it comes to Dean Jackson. If anyone knows where I can get a clone of him that would be great. He drove a jeep, he drove it fast, he was handsome, and so sweet. He was just down right swoon worthy for me and I'm jealous of Madison.

The story starts right off with the announcement of Mitch Johnson's death being announced to Madison and her school. I liked how we got to see Madison before she was saved, it gave me as a reader a better look at how she really did change. I also enjoyed meeting her only friend she had in this dark time in her life. James was a really sad guy and he made me feel so much, it was hard not to burst into tears when I figured out exactly what was going on and what was going to happen. There were two 'big' twists in this novel, one I found out way before it happened and the other not until right before it happened and I still didn't get it 100%. I really enjoyed how the story progressed, the obstacles were realistic and believable. Madison's mother was flipping psycho and disgusts me, I don't see how anyone could do what she did. I'm not sure how I feel about Madison's dad, he was a coward but I feel like the story with him wasn't very complete? I'm not sure how to put it. Dean's parents were, of course, perfect. I loved how caring and accepting Dean's mom was, she was so welcoming and she made me want to know her. Although Dean's father didn't have as big of a part he was still welcoming and supportive and I loved him, too. Dean's entire family was amazing, I couldn't think of a better supporting group for Madison, minus cousin Peter the douche.

The problems Madison faces in her story are believable and completely relatable, it was so easy to feel for her. I loved how she wasn't perfect and how Dean wasn't either, I love how they helped each other and needed each other even if Madison didn't really see that. The only problem I had with this novel was the writing sometimes felt off and inconsistent. In some parts Tiffany would describe things in a way that didn't really fit with how the rest of the story was being written and it just felt off for me. Other than that I really enjoyed this novel and recommend you give it a chance.

Favorite Quotes

"That asshole Mitch Johnson saved my life today. What a prick."

"Trust was a double edged sword. It could give you hope, but it could cut you in an instant when it was broken."

"Just so you know, everyone has regrets, but it's fucked up to be continually punished for them," he said, giving me a searching look before he closed the front door behind him.

"This check had a serious love affair going on with my hair. I wondered if I should offer to leave her alone with it. Seriously, if she started rubbing her face against it, I was out."

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