Sunday, March 17, 2013

Catching Jordan Read-Along Week 2

Welcome back to the Catching Jordan Read-Along for week two! This week I managed to read from page 74 - 143, if you haven't made it this far in the book then I advise you do not read ahead due to spoilers. This weeks reading was up and down, a very roller coaster type of read and it left me frustrated with both Ty and Jordan.

My overall thoughts on the book so far: After this weeks reading my feelings are this - frustrated. I don't like Ty, I don't like how he's portrayed in this section of the book, I don't like how he treats Jordan, and I don't like the feeling I have about him.

Overall thoughts on main characters: Jordan becomes a complete idiot this week. I'm sorry, I'm not sorry. You barely know the guy, he lied to you about not knowing who you were and covered it up with some barfy cheesy line, and then took your virginity. After this fact he decided to just sit there and watch your father treat you like shit instead of support you as his new 'girlfriend' and didn't bother to see if you were okay. PLEASE. SOMEONE EXPLAIN HOW THIS IS ATTRACTIVE. I mean, maybe it's me, but hell I'd rather be weird and love Henry than normal and love Ty. Seriously, what the eff. All of that being said I think you have used your common sense by now to realize I'm not a fan of Ty, I dislike him even more than I did last week and that odd feeling I have about him has grown. Am I just paranoid or am I not alone in this? Henry, oh how I love you but you're being an idiot too! I wish he would just confess his undying love for Jordan already. I love child hood love stories and they're so close and comfortable with each other. I love how they can always be themselves around each other! I wish he would help Jordan realize how he feels because she is blind!

Overall thoughts on supporting characters: The prissy b's you guys. THE PRISSY B'S. I want to PUNCH THEM ALL. I don't know if you guys know this or not but sitting in a bathroom calling someone a whore is IMMATURE and STUPID. Grow. Up. Freaking seriously, girls like this drive me mad! I'm so loving how we're getting to see more of JJ, I didn't really expect him to be one of the bigger supporting characters but I'm loving him! I also love Jordan's Mom, she's such a sweet heart. I love how she's the cool mom but is still the mom. I'm also really praying Jordan's Dad cracks soon, it makes me sad to see Jordan suffer because of their relationship, probably because I can relate in the sense my Dad and I aren't very close.

Favorite quote this week: "Uh, 'cause I'm a guy?" He flips the pillow and slaps it, fluffing it. Then he rolls over and closes his eyes. This was Henry's reply to seeing Jordan in her underwear after spending the night at her house. He was so nonchalant about it, it made me giggle. 

Now here's the big question, what are all of you guys feeling about this book so far? I definitely got emotional and ranty this week. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Also be sure to check out Jude's post this week which focuses on Ty and Jordan's relationship!

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  1. You're not alone! Ty weirds me out too- something creepy about him! Especially how fast they moved :/
    Loving this Read-a-Long


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