Rating System

My reviews are all 100% honest and based off of what I truly think, I do not and never will receive or accept any form of compensation for anything but my own honest opinion. 

5 stars - This book was absolutely perfect. I loved the authors writing, the plot, and the characters. I will definitely be re-reading it one day and recommending it to all of my fellow readers and friends.

4 stars - This book was very good, close to perfect but just not quite there. I probably didn't give it that extra star due to something along the lines of my personal connection with the story or the emotional roller coaster it took me on. It just needed a little extra umph. I'd still recommend it though.

3 stars - This book was a decent read, I didn't hate it but I didn't exactly love it either. This rating was most likely given to small things that didn't work out for me. I'd recommend others give it a try.

2 stars - This book had potential but just didn't reach it. It's most likely lacking in the story building and character developing aspect and isn't my taste.

1 star- This book wasn't enjoyable at all. It lacked in all areas of the story; plot, character development, etc. Due to the flaws I wasn't able to finish this book.

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