Sunday, March 24, 2013

Catching Jordan Read-Along Week 3

Hey guys, welcome back for week 3 of the Catching Jordan Read-Along! This weeks post is kind of inspired by Jude's post from last week. Instead of going over what happened throughout pages 143 - 210 I'm going to focus on a specific event and one that really broke my heart. Due to this fact DO NOT read ahead if you haven't read these pages yet due to SPOILERS

If you skipped all of the above text, DO NOT READ AHEAD if you haven't read pages 143 - 210. 

It's easy to see that Henry and Jordan have a very special friendship and have since they were little. It's also very obvious to see Henry loves Jordan in more than a friend way and for whatever reason she is completely blind to that fact. I'm not sure about all of you but I've been Team Henry from the very beginning, like I said before Ty just gives me the creeps and I don't feel as if he's mentally right to be in a relationship so as I was reading this week I found myself praying that Jordan would wake up and realize what was going on and what she should do. Did my wish come true? Sure did. Did it end how I wanted it to? No, of course not! Instead of getting a HEA and seeing Henry and Jordan be lovey we get to see their friendship fall apart because of fear of losing a friendship dear to their hearts. Now the reason I picked this topic this week is because I feel like friendship is one of the most important things a person can have, without friends life is pretty lonely and boring. I wanted to share a personal experience with you guys about losing a friendship that was very important to me and how it affected me in hopes that maybe you'll share your opinions or experiences with me in return!

So on with the story, when my mom and I first moved to Arizona we lived in an apartment for several years because we didn't need anything bigger. After awhile she decided she wanted to buy us a home so we went house hunting. This experience was one of the longest most stressful things I've experienced, ever. Once we finally found a house and closed the deal we moved in and I found my now ex bestfriend. Faith is about two years younger than me and we clicked instantly. She was weird, I was weird, we were weird together and hung out a bunch and soon became really close. Two years later when I was in seventh grade we got the news that my school was shutting down due to budget cuts, at this point I wanted to try homeschooling because I didn't like my other options and Faith was homeschooled. At this point her and I were attached at the hip and her family became my family so how could I resist at least trying to make it happen? For whatever insane reason I succeeded, I guess I'm good at convincing people and butt-kissing (lol), and my mom agreed to let me homeschool at Faith's house with her mom as my teacher with the rest of her family. It was awesome, I was with my best friend 24/7, I lived there three days out of the week, and life seemed perfect. Fast forward about a year, things were sadly not working out between her parents and they ended up getting a divorce. This caused problems because I went to school there, so I ended up signing up for online public school and stopped going to her house so much. At the same time my house also got foreclosed on so we had to move to a different one farther away, so instead of two minutes down the street I was 15 minutes out of town from Faith. So combining these two things and the fact that she was dealing with her parents divorce and my mom was a full time working single parent who is also taking care of her grandson we started to grow farther apart. We'd only see each other maybe once a week instead of every day and then it was once every two weeks and it just kept getting less and less until it was maybe once a month. Faith had become one of my only true friends and someone very important to me and suddenly she wasn't really there anymore. To say the experience really messed me up is an understatement, I thought it was the end of the world. Losing someone who is so dear to you is hard, I was like Jordan. Depressed and sad and pretty much all I wanted to do was cry like a baby because I had no clue how to deal with it. I didn't know how to not have Faith in my life because she was a constant piece of it for so long. I was really depressed about it for months and took it really hard, it was a difficult experience but I'm thankful for it now because I also learned from it. I realized that in life change is inevitable and as a human I needed to learn how to adapt with it, some friends stay for a life time and others don't. We still talk from time to time but Faith and I have both changed a lot and aren't nearly as close as we used to be and I'm pretty positive we never will be but that's okay because my time with her as a best friend created a lot of memories I hold dear to my heart. 

So the point of telling you that story was to show you guys how I can relate to Jordan and her current situation. I thought it would be fun to switch up this weeks post. Can you tell me how you relate to her or a story of losing a dear friend or maybe even tell me about a friend you've had for a very long time? I hope you all are enjoying Catching Jordan and our Read-Along because I'm having a blast.

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