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ReAwakened by Ada Adams Review

Title: ReAwakened
Author: Ada Adams
Published: November 27th, 2012
Book rating: 5 stars
Cover rating: 4 stars
Becoming a vampire guardian was Dawn Fairchild’s ticket out of the Scarlet House. Fresh off a successful mission, life in Angel Creek should have been great. But when her sort-of-maybe-boyfriend, Sebastian, disappears on a quest to help a beautiful vampire from his past, Dawn finds herself amidst a web of danger, lies, and deceit.
Joining forces with Razor, an enigmatic rebel lacking both a verbal and a physical filter, and her band of Misfits—Brooke, Sophie, Hunter, and Seth—Dawn is thrust into a race against the clock to solve the mystery surrounding brutal Born kidnappings and come to terms with the sudden discovery of her own unique powers. With time ticking away and Born vampires’ lives in jeopardy, it quickly becomes evident that someone—orsomething—desperately wants Dawn and is willing to shed any amount of blood to get her.
Dawn has only one chance to face her demons and overcome all obstacles standing in her way as she embarks on the biggest mission of her life—one that threatens a deadly outcome for all involved.

Wow! I really liked ReVamped but Ada managed to come back with ReAwakened and make me love it and love all of the characters even more, which I didn't even think was possible! It's everything ReVamped was and so much more. More action, more romance, and a lot more feels. It's not that I don't like long books or that I like shorter books more, I love all books, but for a 540 page book it kept me captivated and invested the entire time which is hard to do. ReAwakened was packed with twists and turns and I couldn't put it down, I had to force myself to because I had school. Damn it all, I would have preferred to read this all at once but nonetheless I still loved it. I really enjoyed how there were several elements and surprises twisted into the plot, Ada managed to make it intriguing and anticipating without confusing me as a reader which I really appreciate. 

Dawn, Razor, Sebastian and The Misfits are so kick ass, it's ridiculous! Throughout ReAwakened we get to learn more about all of them and see how they have all come to care about each other. Sophie finds her voice, Seth is able to be himself (although he hasn't outed himself to his parents yet), Hunter goes through a bit of a dark time but he doesn't succumb to his old ways (I was so proud of my baby!), Brooke finds the courage to tell her story and overcome some of her childish ways, Dawn learns a lot about how she came to be in this book and grows just like her partners, Razor becomes closer to Dawn and works on his relationship with 'Seb' his brother while bringing his humor and a bit of lightness to the book which was needed, and Sebastian finds a way to express how he feels without going psycho rage vampire and shutting down. I'm so proud of all of these characters because they grew so much in this book and I really enjoyed watching them all become individuals while also coming together as a team when they had to deal with the craziness of their lives as guardians. 

Lately it seems I've read a ton of books that have those cliffhanger endings you hate to love and love to hate. Those endings where you just sit there and stare at the words while mumbling 'Oh my gosh, what just happened' countless times and then you spaz out and get mad at the author and then you love it so much you just want to high five them in the face because you love it but you hate. Do you know what I mean? Well ReAwakened had one of those endings and it was so awesome and so evil all at once! I can not believe Ada did that to me but it made the book soooo good! I have no clue when ReBorn is coming out, the third book in the series, but I want it now because I'm so invested in these characters and this story that I literally need to know what happens to them all. I highly recommend ReVamped and ReAwakened to those who are looking for a breath of fresh air when it comes to the vampire genre and those who love action packed books with a hint of romance. 

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