Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fallen Eden by Nicole Williams Review

Title: Fallen Eden
Author: Nicole Williams
Published: July 20th, 2011
Book rating: 4 stars
Cover rating: 3 stars  

If happily ever after were a place, twenty-year-old Bryn Dawson would be on the farthest planet from it.
Reduced to stolen glances and secret meetings as they await a Betrothal the Council is bent on stalling, William and Bryn have to settle for happily right now, but with a man like William Hayward at her side, Bryn’s hardly settling.
The day John Townsend sends an army of Immortal mercenaries intent on destroying everyone Bryn loves, she must make the decision generations of star-crossed lovers before her have—live alone or die together. William’s made his decision, Bryn’s the one fate’s waiting on.
But fate will only wait so long until it makes the decision for her.

As a book lover you know what middle book syndrome is right? Well it was NONEXISTENT in this book!!! I bought this immediately after finishing my review for Eternal Eden, sadly I passed out right after and didn't start really reading it until this morning and I couldn't put it down! So much crazy stuff happens in this book it's not even funny. I was depressed for all but 1/4 of it because Bryn has this mental break down and does something completely irrational and crazy. I can't go into to much detail without giving all of the crazy exciting stuff away and ruining the book for you. On the plus side we do get introduced to a few new characters and Paul returns! If you liked Eternal Eden you'll definitely enjoy this one, I think I actually enjoyed it a bit more than the first because Bryn wasn't as annoying to me. I'm so excited to read the last installment to the Eternal Eden trilogy, it is bittersweet but the big question finally gets answered! Will Bryn and William be blessed with the approval of the council and finally be together, will they be forced to run off together and most likely be shunned by both sides of the immortal world, or even worse will they be torn apart forever?? 

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