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The Other Fish in the Sea (Grab Your Pole #2) by Jenn Cooksey Review

Title: The Other Fish in the Sea
Author: Jenn Cooksey
Published: April 23rd, 2013 by Jenn Cooksey
Book rating: 5 stars
Cover rating: 4 stars
In Shark Bait, readers everywhere met and fell in love with the new girl, Camie Ramsey, and swooned over her sure to be future husband, Tristan Daniels. Now, in The Other Fish in the Sea, the long anticipated second installment of the Grab Your Pole series by Jenn Cooksey, Camie and Tristan are back, but so are their friends!
So, find a breathing apparatus and shimmy into your scuba gear, because it's finally time to dive deeper into the lives of the GYP gang, but be warned, it's a big world out there and an even bigger ocean where danger might be lurking around the next corner and realistically, anything could happen.

Immediately after finishing Shark Bait, the first book in this series, I purchased TOFitS and started reading it. I was already so invested in the world Jenn created for us and somehow she managed to make me dive even deeper and love every single minute of it. We not only get to read things from Camie's point of view but now we also see the lives of these awesome teens from Kate, Melissa, and Jillian's point of view too. Can I just take a moment to applaud Jenn for this genius move because it was ABSOLUTE GENIUS. Getting to know Camie and the girls on a deeper level was one of the most enjoyable parts of this story. Jenn has this way of creating characters that are so relatable you develop this automatic love for them and need to know them better. By allowing us in all of their heads I learned secrets that I wouldn't have if it was just from Camie's POV. I suspected things throughout the story but I was always surprised and Jenn managed to keep me guessing until the end. I cried for these girls, weather it be happy tears or sad tears, and I laughed with them. If I ever could pick a group of best friends from a book series to have in real life, it would be these girls. 

Not only are the girls a bigger part of this story but so are the swoon worthy boys! We obviously get to see more of Tristan and his cute little ways with Camie that make you love him but we also get to see more of Dear Jeff and Lonely Pete. We also get to meet a mysterious bad boy and I can't say much more but OH MY GOSH. Jenn Cooksey, I didn't think you could make me swoon any harder than I already had been but he is a sexy piece of man!! I can not wait to see more of him in Shark Out of Water. These boys are all the type of boys I'd want to be friends with. They can bust each others balls and say stupid shit to each other and know that it's just a joke. In the end they all have each others backs. I also really love how close they become with the girls. So instead of them just being connected because they're dating girls that are bestfriends or boys that are bestfriends, they actually all become friends. Just like the first book, TOFitS is not only about young love but also friendship. 

Another reason I truly enjoyed TOFitS is the fact that it was so raw and realistic. Jenn doesn't sugar coat the story and she doesn't feed us a bunch of sappy unrealistic love crap. Not that I don't enjoy that, but it is refreshing to just have the truth shoved in your face every once in awhile. The gang isn't perfect throughout the story. They all go through troubling situations, make mistakes, and say really stupid shit to each other. Honestly I wanted to punch them sometimes but I also appreciated the fact that Jenn could make me feel something other than just happiness. That's what makes a good book a great book for me. 

Jenn manages to take what could be an ordinary story and make it absolutely extraordinary by creating relatable and mature characters, a realistic bumpy road ahead for them, and a heart breaking ending to keep you hoping and wanting more. If you don't already consider this a must read let me tell you, it is one of my all time favorite books and it is a must read for any teen or YA lover out there in my book. 

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