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Fissure by Nicole Williams Review

 Title: Fissure
Author: Nicole Williams
Published: April 2012 (no exact date listed)
Book rating: 5 stars
Cover rating: 3 stars
Patrick Hayward’s never been a one woman type of guy, that’s why he never dates just one. However, still reeling the loss of the one woman he took a chance on falling in love with to his older brother, Patrick is enrolled—sequestered, if you asked him—at Stanford in hopes of breaking him out of his months long, beard growing, rootbeer chugging, hygiene impaired, funk.

Something breaks when a certain Emma Scarlett storms into his life his first week on campus as he’s suntanning and cat calling when he should be in class. Emma sees through his act and calls him out like she’s seen his kind a million times before, but Patrick knows he isn’t one of a million, he’s one in a million.

Intrigued by this fascinating creature that is ignorant to his charm, surrounded by four older brothers who look at Patrick like he’s a bug they could squish, and dating the same guy for the past six years who gives new meaning to the term territorial boyfriend, Patrick gravitates to her, knowing she’s everything he shouldn’t fall for.

So, of course, he can’t help himself.

Forcing the stars to realign and slapping fate in the face, Patrick takes matters into his own hands and finds a way to wrangle his way into Emma’s life at every chance. As Emma begins to open up to him, he’s about to discover she’s thwarted by as many secrets as he is.

But hers are the kind that make you want to keep your light on at night.

Patrick never could have imagined a more unhappy ever after for himself than the one he's about to face.

I'm dead inside. Oh, Nicole why are you making me wait for Fusion?! I am in love with Patrick Hayward, it's even worse than it was after I read The Eternal Eden Trilogy.  This book was perfection. Fair warning for readers who might freak out about this, the immortal aspect of Patrick's world doesn't play a very big role at all in this book but it honestly didn't bug me. I just needed more Patrick and that's exactly what I got.

One of the smartest decisions ever was to give Patrick his own story, after being heartbroken by his brother William's wife my poor Patrick decided to hole up in a room for weeks on end doing nothing but sulking in his misery and trying to figure out what the heck happened. After our lovely, optimistic, always smiley Joseph forced Patrick to go clean his smelly self and their father told Patrick to go to school everything changes for the better. In Fissure Patrick is his normal smart ass self but we get to see the sweeter side of him and learn more about how Patrick truly is. I think this is my favorite male point of view book. It was just that good for me. I found myself laughing, crying, and yelling at Patrick as I did when I first met him in The Eternal Eden books. Emma is the perfect girl for him, I couldn't have picked someone better. She isn't afraid to call him out on the way he acts or the way he sat there and made 'inappropriate' comments at every girl who walked by him the first week of school instead of actually going to his classes. A lovely and hilarious comment that Emma makes is what starts it all. She's got a troubled past and a troubled present life but doesn't let anyone see it, she's a very strong girl and sadly doesn't see it.  Patrick can't explain why but he's drawn to her and he's determined to make her his wife. She definitely puts up a fight but eventually gives in. I loved how she had over protective brothers, they reminded me of Patrick's brothers. One of my favorite supporting characters was Julia, Emma's bestfriend. She's her own soul and one hilarious girl, she's also on Team Patrick so she gets automatic points for that. I'm so excited to see where Patrick and Emma go next, I'm also really nervous to see how Emma will react to the whole Patrick being immortal thing. I also hope Julia or Jules continues playing a role throughout The Patrick Chronicles because I absolutely love her character. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed The Eternal Eden Trilogy or young adult contemporary romance novels. (:

Favorite Quotes

"Ugggghh," a voice that screamed its owner had her nose curled called out. "You're him, aren't you? She said you were a hottie-patottie. However, she failed to mention you were fully aware of that genetic superiority." - Julia/Jules

She had a boyfriend and four brothers who wouldn't rest until I was worm fodder if I screwed this up. Why did I have to fall for the girl who was more heavily guarded than the pope? - Patrick

Emma Scarlett could throw it back at me as fast as I could toss it. Yes, that was me just falling harder. - Patrick

I didn't want to know where someone like Julia came from, but a few possibilities jumped to mind, the least bothersome of them being the land of brimstone and beelzebub. - Patrick

The door clicked open then, on cue, and two forms ghosted into the room, stacking themselves behind me. And then a third. William nodded his head in acknowledgement as he took his place beside Joseph and Nathanial behind me. - Patrick (I love how William showed up to support Patrick!)

As officer bull mastiff started pulling on my freshly handcuffed wrists, I slid a smile into position, and I'd bet my fortune my eyes even twinkled. "Don't worry about me, Em. No bars can keep me caged." - Patrick

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  1. for a moment there, I thought it was Superman!

    1. Hahaha, the cover kind of does give off that vibe. Patrick Hayward could be my superman. He's pretty awesome! (:


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