Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ellen Hopkins Quote(24)

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's here, it is finally here!!!!

I'm sure if you actually read my posts you know I've been obsessing over this book since the day I started this blog one month and one day ago. I just realized I've had my blog for a month so I want to say thank you to all 71 of my awesome followers. Thank you for reading all of my weird rants and raves about books and thank you to those of you who comment on all of those and make me want to keep blogging! You're all awesome people! 

Back to Tilt, yes today is the day it was officially released to the public aka published. I am so excited and if my UPS man doesn't hurry up then when he gets here I'm going to flip out. I plan on sitting and reading as much of that book as I can today and I guarantee I'll be up all night so look out for a Teaser Tuesday from Tilt and my review of Tilt should be coming very soon!

Are any of you planning on reading Tilt by Ellen Hopkins or is it just me? 
Are you excited for any new releases that come out this week? Tell me about them!

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