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Glow by Stacey Wallace Benefiel Review

Title: Glow
Author: Stacey Wallace Benefiel
Published: July 10th, 2011
Book rating: 3 stars
Cover rating: 4 stars 
Zellie Wells has mastered her powers and gotten the guy. She’s lived through her parents’ divorce and being separated from Avery. She’s come back from the dead.
What else is there?
Oh, yeah. REVENGE.
Discover how it all ends when Zellie and the gang finally track down Mildred and fight to right the wrongs of The Society’s past, present and future.

 Glow was the last book in the Zellie Wells series and I'm sad to see it go. I'm a bit disappointed with this last book too. It's not that it wasn't good because it was, I'm glad to see that everything worked out but I'm just a little stunned. It got really confusing in some parts and this book flipped between too many characters point of view. It was hard for me to keep up with at times and I found myself rereading things at times which is something I don't enjoy doing. Other than that I really enjoyed this book and I'm sad to say goodbye to all of the wonderful characters in this book. 

We finally get to meet Connor, Ben's trigger, and I think Melody finally gets a sort of happy ending even though we don't get a ton of information on the relationship she makes with a new character named Raleigh. This book was still packed with action and crazy twists and turns that surprised me like the first two books and I loved that. This book had some decent humor in it too regarding Aunt Hazel and a man named Roger. We also get to see Zellie sort of take charge and try to protect everyone with Melody and Melody only. It was kind of different but I liked it. Everyone get their own little happy ending in Glow, I really wish we could have learned more about everyone's lives after the craziness simmered down but I can accept how it ended without being royally irritated with the book. If you read the first and enjoyed them you have to read the last book to find out what happens!

I recommend this series even though the ending wasn't all that I expected, all three books are affordable and enjoyable reads. 

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  1. Thanks for the review! Psst! If you want to know more about Melody and Raleigh, there's a free story on my website called Surprise, Surprise.
    And if you want to know what happened to the whole gang, stay tuned for the Penny Black trilogy. Everyone makes an appearance!

    1. That's such exciting news, I will definitely be reading Surprise, Surprise and looking forward to the Penny Black trilogy. (:

    2. And that should have said REVIEWS. Thanks again, Kylee!


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