Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ellen Hopkins Quote(1)

This quote is from her book Perfect which is the sequel/spin off of her book Impulse. I actually just read this about a month ago and I loved it. Impulse is my all time favorite book by her. Impulse is about suicide and self mutilation and includes a little love story. Perfect is about one of the characters in Impulse, Connor's sister Cora and her life back home while Connor is in a rehab. I recommend it to anyone I know. If you don't know who Ellen Hopkins is she has a unique way of writing, she writes novels but in poetry verses. Check her out, she's amazing. (:

This quote is one of my favorites from the book, it's so true in todays society. Everyone is worried about what others think instead of about what they think about themselves. You're all beautiful in your own way, don't forget that!

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